I’ve put together a list of the best software for Windows PCs. These are all free, unless otherwise noted.

I have a pages for Best Mac Software and Best Software Development Tools.

For an always up to date list, check out my Best Software List on Github.

Cloud Storage, Sync, and Backup

  • Drobo - Get the software, after the hardware.
  • Google Drive - Google’s cloud service tied to your Gmail.
  • OneDrive - Microsoft’s cloud service.

Web Browser Extensions


Miscellaneous and Utilities

Music and Video

Pictures and Images

  • Gimp - Edit pictures, a Photoshop-like program that’s free.
  • Google Photos - Google’s photo storage.
  • Paint .Net - Edit pictures/images.
  • Picasa - Google’s older photo storage service.


  • F.lux - Automatically adjust your computer screen to match lighting.
  • Skitch - Edit your screenshot images.
  • Slack - Collaboration software for teams.