Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Sunpech, I also go by Steven.

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. I’m half Thai and half Chinese. I’ve lived in several cities from Boston, Bangkok, to Los Angeles. I currently live in Chicago, IL.

I have a BA in Computer Science from Boston University and an MS in Information Systems from Depaul University.

This is my blog where I talk about technology, photography, finance, and other stuff like movie/book reviews.

Steven at Iron Fairies


I’ve done consulting for several years using Microsoft .Net. I also enjoy using Rails and other open source technologies. I do enjoy networking and going to local user groups and meetups regarding various technologies.

I have Github and Bitbucket accounts where I host some of my projects– most of which are private.

I’ve done distributed computing for twenty plus years to help crunch some numbers for a good cause. See Team Spong World Community Grid.

I’ve been blogging since 1999. I’ve written my own blog software using various technology stacks.. From Perl, PHP, MySQL, ASP, ASP.net, C#, and MSSQL. I’ve also used several blogging platforms from Wordpress, Posterous, Blogger, Jekyll/Github Pages. I’m using Hugo/Netlify now. My old blog is at: spong.org.

Software Development collage


I’m also a photographer. I generally take my camera most places and take pictures of whatever I find interesting. I have a photography site at sunpechphotography.com.

I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.

I enjoy landscape, HDR, event, and some headshot/portrait photography. Here is a list of my camera gear.

Most of my photos covers cosplay and events at various comic conventions.

Chicago Theatre


My latest passion is in finance and investing. I remember learning about spreadsheets in high school, but back then, my younger self thought it was rather boring. Now, as a bigger kid, I find myself making spreadsheets for a great many things.

I am not a financial advisor. My writings on financial topics are just my opinions, and is not financial advice. Readers need to be responsible for their own financial decisions.

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