The Martian

I enjoyed reading Andy Weir’s book, The Martian. It reads mostly like a series of journal entries of the protagonist, Mark Watney who’s stuck on Mars. If you are a science buff, there’s some interesting things that occur in terms of problem solving which Mythbuster Adam Savage, has said he would love to try at his Comic Con panel.

It’s also a quick read, as you may find yourself flying through the chapters as they are a bit short.

The Martian

The Upcoming Movie

I’m really looking forward to the movie. From the trailer, it looks amazing and feel it will visualize scenes better than I imagined it to be. That said, I feel if you haven’t read the book, that you may be better off not watching the trailer. It’s a good trailer, but if you were to sit and analyze it, it may take away from the movie going experience.

As with any book to movie adaptation, things will get changed– which is what I’m looking forward to. The book is great, but I think Hollywood is going to take the opportunity to not only tell a good human survival story, but make it space travel both beautiful and scary at the same time. At least I hope so.

If you are afraid that the book will spoil the movie, I think it’s safe to read and enjoy it before the movie comes out. I don’t think they will adapt it scene for scene, or line for line. There’s going to be some surprises even for the readers going to watch the movie.

The Martian Movie

The Trailer

If you choose to watch the trailer, try not to over-analyze things. Or maybe because I said not to, that you will…..

Ares 3 Teaser

Check out Ares 3 live youTube channel. It seems pretty safe, as they are teasing things from the book that probably won’t make it into the movie.

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