Map Your Mouse's Back and Forward Buttons on a Mac

I’ve been using OS X as my main OS for almost five years now. But one thing that’s bugged me for a while was the lack of support for Logitech and other mice’s forward and back buttons. These are mouse shortcut buttons found on many gaming mice. As much as I enjoy Apple’s trackpad, I still like to use the mouse for gaming and other things.

Here’s a picture of my mouse with the buttons that under Windows, normally maps to forward and back in the web browser.

Logitech mouse

By default, OS X does not have such functionality. Interestingly enough, my Ubuntu Linux machines has them working by default, same as Windows.

So I did some googling and came across this article: Logitech Mouse: how can I use additional buttons?

There’s a app called BetterTouchTool that lets you customize and map both of these buttons to forward and back.

Just download and install the app and here’s what you need to do:

Open BetterTouchTool app and it should prompt you to change a Security & Privacy settings to allow the app to work.

Under System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy, click on Accessibility tab and enable from the list on the right.

Better Touch Tool 1

From there, you’ll then be able to add the mappings by selecting Normal Mice on the top, then click on Add New Button. On the bottom left, select a mouse button by actually clicking it, then in the Custom Keyboard Shortcut section, press the Command + Left Arrow or Command + Right arrow buttons on the keyboard to add the mappings to the corresponding mouse buttons. It should look like the screenshot below.

Better Touch Tool 2

And that’s it! Now in your web browser you’ll have back and forward shortcuts working!

Download at: BetterTouchTool

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