Photos from Toronto

Last year I did some traveling in October and November. In late October, I went to Toronto for the first time. The city is beautiful there. I’ve probably been in Los Angeles too long, but I noticed how clear the skies were and was astonished to look at buildings with no haze in front. It really showcases how LA is such a polluted and dirty city.

While I was there I got a chance to see Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycle exhibit. I can’t believe there are 3,144 bicycles in the sculpture. It is quite mesmerizing though. I took some night photos there, that you can see the album here.

I also visited the very so colorful, Kensington Market. Pictures can be found here.

And my general photos from Toronto can be found here.

The biggest thing I wanted to leave Toronto with was pictures of their skyline. Which I did. It was a bit cold out there and I did suffer a bit in the cold to get some long exposures done. Normally I would do some HDR shots, but I found long exposures to produce more interesting results with the colors running across the water.

Here are three of my favorites of the Toronto skyline.

Toronto Skyline

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Toronto Skylines 1

Good Night, Toronto

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Toronto Skylines 2

Toronto Skyline Colors

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Toronto Skylines 3

I hope to return in the near future to take some more photos there. Toronto reminds me so much of Chicago– clean, big, metropolitan, yet also suburban-like, with some of the most friendliest people around. My biggest praise for the city is that it has some delicious Chinese food there– way better than Chicago’s! I could almost live there if it weren’t for all the funny money they use up there– just kidding, I love Toronto.

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