Photos from Chicago's Bean

I was in Chicago for nearly three weeks during the holidays. I only planned to be there with my parents/family for about two weeks, but the snow, friends, and family all kept me from leaving– so I ended up rebooking my flight TWICE.

During my extensive stay in Chicago, I visited a few landmarks to take some pictures.

I wrote a blog post covering my photos from John Hancock Observatory already.

One of my first stops was a sunrise of Cloud Gate, also commonly referred to as “The Bean”. What I love about morning shots, especially on weekends, is that there’s barely anyone there. Plus it certainly helped that it was winter! And for the most part it was rather desolate, but there was a couple there doing engagement shots with a photographer. They certainly had some guts to take off their jackets that morning!

You can view my full album from Chicago here.

The Winter Bean

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Chicago photos 1

A closer shot of Cloud Gate

Chicago photos 2

A wide angle shot of Chicago from Randolph St.

Chicago photos 3

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