Photos from Chicago's Adler Planetarium

This is my last of three posts covering the three landmarks I visited in Chicago during this past winter. My first was of Chicago’s John Hancock Observatory and the other was of Chicago’s Bean.

The last landmark I visited was of a sunset from Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. I visited the Adler before and took pictures there– but this was all when I first started to get into some HDR and photography. The blog post is still up here. Please don’t judge me too harshly on those old photos.

This sunset trip was fun to be on as the weather in Chicago was warming up and the snow was melting a bit. But there was still plenty of ice along the lake. I wasn’t able to venture close to the lake as it was a very real possibility of slipping and falling right into Lake Michigan.

You can view my full album from Chicago here.

Chicago Winter Sunset

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Chicago’s Adler Planetarium 1

Chicago from the Adler Planetarium

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Chicago’s Adler Planetarium 2

Chicago Skyline - Peace

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Chicago’s Adler Planetarium 3

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