Pictures from UnCubed LA

I went to the The UnCubed event here in Los Angeles this past Thursday. I wanted to check out what startups are here in LA and see the panels. It was good event that was extremely relaxed for a job fair. It was right by the beach– LA style no doubt.

I took pictures here and there, but didn’t take any of the actual job fair. I got a chance to see what companies and technologies are at play. For the most part, most startup companies run on Rails/PHP/Heroku/AWS/MongoDB. Little to none on Microsoft’s technologies. A little disappointing, but somewhat expected.

The speakers from the first discussion:

Topic: The Future of Innovation in Los Angeles

Full set of pictures can be found here.


UnCubed LA 1

UnCubed LA 2

UnCubed LA 3

UnCubed LA 4

UnCubed LA 5

UnCubed LA 6

UnCubed LA 7

UnCubed LA 8

UnCubed LA 9

UnCubed LA 10

UnCubed LA 11

UnCubed LA 12

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