Last week I attended the Google+ Photographer’s Conference in San Francisco, May 22-23, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The day before, I attended a photowalk at Golden Gate Park which I blogged about already.

Some things I observed and learned at the conference:

  • Adobe Lightroom 4, Bridge, and Photoshop seem to be the digital tools of choice of many photographers.
  • There are just as many Nikon users as there are Canon users.
  • Be a good editor and curator of your work/portfolio. Only show your best work, and when you are ready, organize by a theme.
  • When writing Google+ posts, write to share, not to impress.

One of my favorite sessions were the Blind Photo Critiques, where photographers submit a set of photos (two to five pictures) to be critiqued live on stage, in front of everyone on the big screen. I just learned a lot listening to the panel on what makes a good photograph in terms of composition, lighting, focus, and so forth. Some Day 1 Video Sessions:

Some Day 2 Video Sessions:

A quote that I really enjoyed from Trey Ratcliff:

The left brain is for getting through life, but the right brain is for living.

Sunrise at Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Spencer at 6am.

I used the Canon 5D Mark 3’s HDR feature to take the picture above. I post processed with Adobe Lightroom 4.1 (RC2). I took about a dozen shots of the bridge, but chose only to show my favorite. Again, editing which was a little difficult.


The registration desk

The lounge

Scott Kelby giving the opening keynote

Scott Kelby speaking with Bradley Horowitz

Catherine Hall

Matt Kloskowski

Colbey Brown

Adobe showcasing Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4

Guy Kawasaki on building brand on G+

Trey Ratcliff taking a picture of Jeremy Cowart

Blind Photo Critique

Live photoshoot

Some tai-chi going on early morning outside

RC Concepcion joining in for the second blind photo critique