A few months ago I blogged about my new purchase of the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. I still enjoy it immensely, and a few people have inquired about what is needed.

So here’s a list of what’s in my setup:

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player This is the heart of the Home Theatre PC (HTPC).

WD Elements 3 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive I don’t recommend attaching more than one external hard drive via a USB hub. It’s just too slow and cumbersome. So instead I recommend a nice big external USB HDD.

HDMI Cables

Assuming you have a nice and modern TV, you should really be using HDMI to carry the video/audio. Also applicable if you are using a receiver. Do not, I repeat, do not purchase HDMI cables at your local Best Buy– they are ripping you off! These should cost no more than a few dollars ($4-6) each.

Belkin 7-Foot RJ45 CAT 5e Snagless Molded Patch Cable (Gray) There are nice services such as youTube and social network plugins available with the media player, so I highly recommend you attach the device to your home network’s router.

Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protectors

This is my favorite surge protector. The swiveling heads is a godsend if you have a variety of devices to plug in.

I will also add that the media player plays most movie files you may have. I’ve only come across a few files that it won’t play correctly. Also, if you should come across some general problems with any video file stopped working, just restart the device.

Hope this helps.