Trip to Baltimore

I was out in Baltimore, Maryland for RailsConf last week. The conference was great, but this was also the first time I’ve been in Baltimore other than for a flight layover. For the most part I was there for the 4 day conference and eating.

I must say that some of the neighborhoods in the evening/night didn’t feel to safe to walk through. Also, the taxis there are so very expensive! I paid $22 (including tip) for a taxi to drive four miles. I’ll be sure to have food pictures up on soon enough.

But this marks the end of my flying/adventuring for the time being. For the past month I’ve been on the plane 2-3 times per week, which has been tiring me out. I look forward to staying on the ground for a bit until I can make my way out to California.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

My busted bed when I arrived late Sunday night (no, I didn’t break it…)

2011 Baltimore Trip 1

Harbor Place

2011 Baltimore Trip 2

2011 Baltimore Trip 3

I thought this B&N was super interesting.

2011 Baltimore Trip 4

Hybrid buses. Fast, Friendly, and Free

2011 Baltimore Trip 5

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