I had a great time at RailsConf 2011, which took place in Baltimore, Maryland this year. Got the chance to meet and talk with a lot of Rails developers and passionate people. Always a good thing. I admit that I’m a Ruby Nuby, and quite a few of the talks were a little over my head, but in general there was a talk for everyone, no matter what skill level in Ruby/Rails. Also, a good thing. I noticed that Javascript was the common theme across the talks. In fact I didn’t do any Ruby programming/playing at all, just Javascript + HTML5.

These are the sessions I attended (or peaked into) plus some of my favorite pictures I took from each day:

Monday May 16 (Tutorial day)

  • Building Web Apps with HTML5: Beyond the Buzzword by Mike Subelsky (OtherInbox)
  • Rails Best Practices by Gregg Pollack (Envy Labs), Andrew Smith (Envy Labs), Thomas Meeks (Envy Labs), Dray Lacy (Envy Labs), Christopher Green (Envy Labs), Mark Kendall (Envy Labs)
  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial (AKA Intro to Rails - Part 2) by Michael Hartl (Rails Tutorial)

Sugar and caffeine break

Tuesday May 17

DHH opening keynote

My pic with Chad Fowler, rocking my Chicago Code Camp tshirt

Wednesday May 18

  • Double Dream Hands: So Intense! by Aaron Patterson (AT&T Interactive) I came late to this one, part of welcome/keynote
  • Inside Groupon by Michael Cerna (Groupon)
  • Scaling with Friends by Geoffrey Dagley (Zynga with Friends)
  • How to Handle 1,000,000 Daily Users Without Using a Cache by Jesper Richter-Reichhelm (wooga GmbH)
  • Controlled Chaos: A Case Study Of Introducing Rails into An Operational NASA System by Dan Pilone (Element 84) and Jason Gilman (Element 84)
  • Solving Performance Problems with Horizontal Scale (The Worker Pattern) by Ryan Smith (Heroku)

Thursday May 19

  • The LivingSocial Story by Aaron Batalion (LivingSocial)
  • Being Awesome by Corey Haines
  • Code for America by Dan Melton (Code for America)
  • Building Rails Apps for the Rich Client by Yehuda Katz (Strobe, Inc.)
  • Closing Keynote (Craft, Engineering, and the Essence of Programming) by Glenn Vanderburg (LivingSocial)
  • Closing Keynote (Optimizing for Developer Happiness) by Chad Dickerson (Etsy)

Free Schwag given away

Full album here.

For official O’Reilly pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/oreillyconf/sets/72157626743161970 I’m actually in one of the photos, in the background.

Speaker Slides: http://railsconf.com/slides

Keynote Video and Other Interviews: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL379EA9290474C86C