Pictures from the August 2010 Tech Events in Chicago

I was on a bit of a vacation in July so I forgot to post August events before the month started.

Chicago Ruby Meetup on August 3, 2010

Presentations on: Agile with Pivotal Tracker and jQuery and Rails 3.0

Chicago Ruby 1

Chicago Ruby 2

Chicago Ruby 3

Chicago Ruby 4

Chicago Ruby 5

Full album here.

Chicago on August 11, 2010

Fawad Halim gave a presentation on Python for .Net Developers.

Python for .Net Developers 1

Python for .Net Developers 2

Python for .Net Developers 3

Python for .Net Developers 4

Full album here.

Spiked Cocoa Event on August 19, 2010

Fading Red hosted a Spiked Cocoa event. It was pretty interesting as this was the first time I went to an event that comprised mostly of Apple enthusiasts/developers. I must say it was a different crowd than Microsoft/.Net, Android/Java, and the Ruby guys. Which is a good thing. In attendance with me were: @escoz, @bwilken, and @klmcmahon.

Presentations (lightning talks as they called it) from the website:

Spiked Cococa 1

Spiked Cococa 2

Spiked Cococa 3

Spiked Cococa 4

Spiked Cococa 5

Spiked Cococa 6

Spiked Cococa 7

Spiked Cococa 8

Full album here.

Software Craftsman that happen to like whiskey on August 31, 2010

@bwilken put together a meetup at The Boiler Room at 2210 North California Avenue, Chicago. It was a very casual and laid back event for software craftsman. The PB&J was awesome too. PB&J = Pizza, Beer, & Jameson.

Software Craftsman 1

Software Craftsman 2

Software Craftsman 3

Software Craftsman 4

Software Craftsman 5

Full album here.

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