Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

I finished reading Rework by the founders of 37Signals. I really really enjoyed the book. The chapters were concise and to the point.

Here are my favorite chapters:

  • Learning from mistakes is overrated
  • Planning is guessing
  • No time is no excuse
  • Outside money is Plan Z
  • Embrace constraints
  • Focus on won’t change
  • Interruption is the enemy of productivity
  • Meetings are toxic
  • Your estimates suck
  • Underdo your competition
  • Say no by default
  • Emulate chefs
  • Drug dealers get it right
  • Do it yourself first
  • Everybody works
  • They’re not thirteen
  • Don’t scar on the first cut

I highly recommend people to pick up a copy if you are at all interested in how a great business should be run.

Amazon: Rework


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