My Impressions of the G1 running Android

I’ve had my G1 for a few weeks now. My overall impressions are pretty good. I like the touch screen, I like the free applications available through the market app, and I definitely enjoy the web browsing experience on the 3G network over my old Blackberry Pearl on the EDGE network.

G1 official

But I do have a few complaints:

  • Battery Life is too short. I can maybe go for a maximum of 2 days without a recharge if I very minimal use of the phone. But I suppose this is understandable since it is 3G and touchscreen.
  • 3G network still not available everywhere. I go to the Chicago suburbs, and I’m back on the EDGE network when I want to browse.
  • Facebook’s regular website is not G1 friendly. This is not the G1’s fault. In fact I use the Facebook iphone website instead.
  • Gmail’s contact does not sync well. This is what pisses me off the most. Since your contact list is from your Gmail account (at least it should be for back-up purposes), it’s a one way sync: Gmail app to phone. If you enter a new contact in the phone, it will not sync up into the Gmail app, or at least not quickly.

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