Installed Ubuntu Linux onto my Thinkpad T60

Last weekend I installed Ubuntu Linux onto my Lenovo Thinkpad T60 laptop. I wanted to keep Windos XP Professional installed, so I chose to dual-boot it using GRUB. I also upgraded the 40 GB hard drive to a 250 GB hard drive using a laptop hard drive upgrade kit. I copied the files over to the new drive, and then installed Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) in another partition. It was amazingly simple.

My reason for installing Linux is because I miss it. Almost ten years ago I got into Linux (Mandrake and Red Hat) in the first place because I was sick of Windows 98. Win98, which I do not consider an operating system (OS) simply because it does not manage system processes whatsoever.

What made me sick was that I could not get my work done on it and I truly enjoyed my school’s Solaris machines (I was an undergrad at Boston University. It’s been a few years since I truly used Linux for many of my computing needs. And here I am getting back into that.

Tomorrow, 8.10 will be released and I will again be upgrading my OS. The picture below is of my system running 8.04. Notice my G1 next to it.

Ubuntu Linux on Thinkpad T60

On the screen I have Conky running along with Songbird. You probably can’t see it from the angle this was taken.

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