My new mp3 player: Sansa e280

I got myself a new mp3 player, the Sansa e280. I used to have an Apple iPod mini, but the battery life on that device was just horrible after less than one year. I was thinking of getting a new Ipod, but I was sick of Apple’s proprietary music format. I love iTunes, but it’s a bit bloated. So now I use either plain old winamp or the relatively new open source, Songbird.


What I love about my new toy is that I don’t need any bloated program to copy music, videos, pictures, or other data formats onto my device. I just drag and drop files in. It’s also inexpensive compared with the iPod and it’s got a built in FM tuner! Plus, on top of all that, as a technocrat, I’m starting to get sick of hearing about Steve Jobs and Apple. Let’s just say that I consider them over-rated.

Sansa E280


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