I’ve put together a list of my all time favorite comics and graphic novels. I hope you enjoy this list of books I’ve read across twenty plus years! I’ve organized them by publisher for a more organized look at stuff. For simplicity, I’ve categorized the books by publishers since publishers generally represent their own respective universe.

DC Entertainment

Since I was little I’ve been a fan of both Superman and Batman. When I started to read comics as a teenager, I read more of the Vertigo line of comics which had Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Books of Magic, both amazing pieces of fantasy.


The biggest and most intriguing story arc in the Marvel universe has to be the Infinity Gauntlet series, or rather sets of series since there are so many.


I’m a fan of Robert Kirkman’s work with The Walking Dead and Invincible. I highly recommend Invincible, I consider it to be an under-rated comic that pays tribute to a lot of superhero comics past and present. It’s a bit violent though.


A lot of the hidden gems of story-telling comics are in the independent comics. Valiant Entertainment has always has a special place in my set of comics. They’re the only publisher where it was possible for a new comer of comics to sit down and read just about everything in their known universe without breaking the bank.

Last Updated May 10, 2016.