Chicago Photowalk with Trey Ratcliff

Yesterday I went to Trey Ratcliff’s Chicago Photowalk. I had fun walking from the Adler Planetarium toward the Bean. As usual on my many photowalks, I tend to stray from the large groups and do my own thing. I just find it difficult to get shots I want around dozens or in this case hundreds of other photographers.

This event was actually my second time that I met Trey. The first time was a few years ago at a Santa Monica Photowalk along with MySpace Tom. That was actually the first time I tried doing some HDR photography, and the results were atrocious. I’ve since learned a bit about HDR and how not to shoot everything everywhere in HDR. It’s a technique that has a time and place, not a permanent setting for all photos. I’m glad that I got to meet, speak, and have my photo taken with Trey. His work and zen philosophy is a big inspiration to me and many others.

Earlier in the day it was raining, and I thought it wouldn’t stop. Thankfully it did, but it did leave a haze across the Chicago skyline. I know we all make due with the weather and situation, but I know my city has a beautiful skyline on crisp clear evenings and night. It was disappointing for out-of-towners to visit and not be treated to the best of Chicago.

By the way, I use Parking Panda and got a pretty sweet deal, $14, for parking near the Chicago Bean. It’s the cheapest price I could find in that area compared with other services if you plan to park longer than 2-3 hours.

My big takeaway from this photowalk, like any photowalk, is being familiar with the areas that I would like to revisit on another day.

Here is the Facebook album with all the photos.


My collage of the evening.

Trey Ratcliff Chicago Photowalk Collage

My photo with Trey Ratcliff.

Photo with Trey Ratcliff

Chicago from Buckingham Fountain

My favorite photo of the night taken at Buckingham Fountain.

Chicago from Buckingham Fountain

You can purchase photo products at the sites below:

Chicago Highlight Reel! “Trey’s Photo Walk Across the USA”

You can also watch the video of Trey’s introduction talk here.

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