Scott McCloud at Chicago Humanities Festival

This past Friday the Chicago Humanities Festival had Scott McCloud at the Art Institute. Not many of my friends and family know that Mr. McCloud was a big influence during my teenage and high school years.

Back in the nineties, I was a big comic book reader. Besides being a reader, I also loved doodling and drawing. But after a while, I wanted to know more about the history, art, and motivations of the comic book creators. That’s when I picked up reading Understanding Comics, where my mind just opened up and just saw things in a new way.

It was through Scott’s writings that I had a huge appreciation to the arts and story-telling. Thank you Scott, for your past, present, and future work which woke up the artist/creator inside of me.

The event itself was really nice. I got special permission to take photos. A lot of people showed up, probably around three hundred people were in the Arthur Rubloff Auditorium off Columbus. The conversation between Lynne Thomas and Scott was excellent. I also really liked Scott’s short presentation on how he creates his work in Photoshop. After the chat, Scott also had a book signing.

Here is the event link. Here is the full album of photos.

Books by Scott McCloud

These are the books I own and have read by Mr. McCloud.

Scott McCloud’s Books


Lynne Thomas and Scott McCloud sit down for a conversation.

Scott McCloud at Chicago Humanitities 1

Scott McCloud at Chicago Humanitities 2

Scott McCloud at Chicago Humanitities 3

Scott McCloud signed my books!

Scott McCloud at Chicago Humanitities 4

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