Long Beach Comic Con 2014

Over the weekend I attended Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) with my first press pass. It’s been a while since I’ve attended LBCC, two years to be exact. Back then I only went on a Sunday, but this year I attended on a Saturday to get a more full experience.

What I enjoyed about LBCC is that it’s a small con without the hassle of a big convention like San Diego Comic Con. You get the cosplay, a variety of panels to attend, and a decent amount of vendors, artists, and mini-celebrities. Parking is in the range of $5-10, which is not bad at all.

If you are really into buying comics and goods, there are plenty of bins and deals to be had.

If you have kids, the place is incredibly suited for kids to walk around and have fun. Parents need not worry about it being so crowded that their kid will get trampled on– there’s actually plenty of room to walk around.

If you are there cosplaying with friends, the lighting for photos is actually pretty good. There’s a spot by the escalators that has some nice backdrop colors (see my pictures below of Poison Ivy and Elsa). There’s also tables and chairs to sit, relax, and eat at. Just outside there’s a lot of room for running and group shots. I also loved how the organizers put up quite a few walls with LBCC logos for photo-ops. Every single one was utilized in and out of the main floor.

This year there was a proposal that took place too: Joker proposes to Harley Quinn

The only minuses I found is that the food and restaurant options are a little limited. I would love to see food trucks there in the future– although I’m not aware of any regulations preventing them doing so. The restaurants across the street are somewhat limited. Pretty much everyone goes to eat at Islands and CPK, which does cause some wait time to get a table.

Long Beach Comic Con resembles a great tradition of what a comic convention should be. It’s great for families with kids, cosplayers, artists, and of course comic fans. It’s a good size convention that offers exactly what they advertise– a fun time for all.


Below are some of my favorite pictures I took. Full album can be found on my Facebook page and on my Flickr. The entrance to the convention. The main floor is actually down the escalator.

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 1

Joe Field at the “And the Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” panel

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 2

Arrow and Black Canary

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 3

A very large Chewbacca

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 4

Poison Ivy

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 5

A family that cosplays together

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 6

Kids playing with LEGOS. I know kids find sitting in this fun, but I see it as nothing but pain. Haha.

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 7

The best Elsa cosplayer I’ve ever seen. Cosplay by Paulinha Silva.

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 8

The best Loki cosplayer I’ve ever seen. Cosplay by Loki Hates You

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 9

The best Mystique cosplayer I’ve ever seen. Cosplay by @GripGoddess.

2014 Long Beach Comic Con 10

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