I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand recently and found some Naver Line toys at the mall. I bought them with the intention of giving them to my sisters since we all use the Line chat app. But on the way back to the US, I had an eight hour layover at the Incheon International airport in South Korea. I happened to pack the toys in my carry-on so I took them out to have a little photo shoot.

I initially made them for my Instagram account, but decided to re-crop them with a different finish for HD wallpapers and prints. Then I expanded to take more pictures with them in other locations once I was back in the United States.

Here they are, hope you like! I plan to do more and maybe have them in other resolutions for mobile wallpapers.

My personal favorite is Brown the bear. And no, I won’t be giving them to my sisters– I ended up getting them Naver Line t-shirts.

Gimme a Call

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Waiting at the Airport

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I’ll Wait Here

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What to Drink?

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Where is my Gate?

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Flight Delayed

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Friends Visit the Chicago Bean

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Not Part of the Wedding Party

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