My Brief Appearance on Heroes of Cosplay

In a last week’s episode of Heroes of Cosplay, I had a brief appearance in Season 1 - Episode 7!

The episode covered part of the cosplay competition at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. I was there in attendance checking out the event and taking photos of many cosplayers and panels.

I appear at about the 2:34 mark as the opening credits are still rolling.

That’s me in the Valiant t-shirt behind the DSLR! Probably the best shot of me in the episode.

Heroes of Cosplay 1

See this big crowd, I’m right up front on the left.

Heroes of Cosplay 2

A closer shot of where I was.

Heroes of Cosplay 3

Here are some relevant photos I took that was covered in the episode:

Indra (Fantasy Ninja) as She-Ra. I really loved her outfit.

Comikaze Expo 1

Ladies of the Internet cosplay

Comikaze Expo 1

The panel of judges of the Cosplay contest.

Comikaze Expo 1

Jesse Lagers as Mega Man.

Comikaze Expo 1

Holly + Jessica (Crab Cat Industries) and Chloe Dykstra as Team Pokemon.

Comikaze Expo 1

For more pics, please check out my Facebook photography page.

Here are the general albums by day:

Here are the panel albums:

Here are the Cosplay Contest photos.

Comikaze Expo 1

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