Mobile Camp LA

I picked up a free ticket to Mobile Camp LA earlier this week and decided to attend. Overall I wasn’t too impressed with the event. It may have very well been the first of it’s kind aimed at developers, designers, and business folk. Anyway, I thought the venue was a bit of a mess as many things went wrong.

  1. Earthquake drill at 10:15am (slightly distracting, but out of their control– I understand)
  2. A lot of sessions held in a one big open space separated by cloth dividers. Too noisy!
  3. Microphone problems– couldn’t hear some sessions at all!
  4. Power outages– no presentation slides or projectors!
  5. Cancelations and running behind time (somewhat normal, but there seemed to be quite a few).

Anyway, it was still enjoyable and I shouldn’t complain since it was free for me. One more complaint in general, here was one session I ended up not enjoying where the speaker was more interested in promoting his own product than talking about technology or problem solving. I just do not like sitting through some kind of product advertisement for an hour.

The interesting thing I walked away with was how many new products/services Adobe was coming out with for not just designers, but also developers. Check out to see all these brand new stuff. They are definitely pushing the Creative Cloud. Something I’ll have to keep my eye on since I use Photoshop and Lightroom pretty heavily these days.

2012 Mobile Camp LA 1

2012 Mobile Camp LA 2

Prashant Sridharan (from Facebook) presenting on Native iOS Development.

2012 Mobile Camp LA 3

Cross-platform MObile HTML5 Apps by Max Katz

2012 Mobile Camp LA 4

SASS/LESS by Jake Johnson

2012 Mobile Camp LA 5

2012 Mobile Camp LA 6

2012 Mobile Camp LA 7

Windows 8 Tablet by Daniel Egan

2012 Mobile Camp LA 8

Backbone with mobile backend by Sid Maestre

2012 Mobile Camp LA 9

Fund Your Start-up by Glang Biscan

2012 Mobile Camp LA 10

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