Last week I was up in San Francisco May 21-23 for the Google+ Photographer’s Conference. On Monday, there was an optional photowalk at about ten locations. I attended the one led by Scott Kelby at Golden Gate Park.

The photowalk was pretty fun. It’s the third photowalk I’ve been on so far, and in general I like to stray from the group, go at my own pace, and take shots of everything I find interesting. I socialized a bit, but the part I enjoy is seeing how other photogs at the same location on the same day take photographs.

The weather was a bit dreary with a lot of overcast. I ended up using a lot of HDR to help spruce things up. I used the Canon 5D Mark 3’s HDR feature to produce the pictures. I post processed with Adobe Lightroom 4.1 (RC2). I also used some nifty Adobe Lightroom Instagram Presets on a few pictures.

I’ll have a post on the actual conference soon.