SoCal Code Camp is tomorrow. Sessions have been posted, as well as the schedule. It’s a two day event, January 28 and 29 (Saturday and Sunday), full of sessions on a variety of software development topics.

Did I mention that it’s FREE?!

It will be hosted at California State University Fullerton. Here is a campus map to help you.

I will be there bright and early volunteering and probably taking photos. Should be a good time!

The sessions I’m interested in checking out:

Jan 28 Sessions:

08:45am - CSS3 for Web Designers - Let’s Design a Visually Appealing Website

- Working for Startups - What you need to know

10:00am - Grid Systems - Picking the right CSS Framework for your Website

12:15pm - Free

01:30pm - Volunteering

02:45pm - Volunteering

04:00pm - Writing Maintainable Javascript (Part 1)

- BI/Big Data - Is it really all about the Cloud?

Jan 29 Sessions:

09:00am - It is Time to Rev your Javascript Skill

10:15am - Quick and Dirty jQuery

12:30pm - Introduction to Node.js

- Intro to Mobile Development for Web, iOS, and Android Native Apps using PhoneGap and HTML5 - NoSQL for Beginners - Part 1

01:45pm - From CodeMonkey to CEO: Part 1 Leadership 101 - NoSQL for Beginngers - Part 2

03:00pm - How to Survive the Technical Interview - From CodeMonkey to CEO - Part 2 Innovation Literacy