Over the weekend I attended and volunteered at SoCal Code Camp at California State University Fullerton. I had an awesome time, attended quite a few sessions, learned a lot, and met quite a few good people.

Below are some of the pictures. Full set of pictures can be found here.


Mario Harnandez presenting CSS3 for Web Designers- Let’s Design a Visually Appealing Website and Grid Systems - Picking the Right CSS Framework for Your Website.

Kim Smith-Rohlfs presenting Working For Startups- What You Need to Know.

Lynn Langit presenting BI/Big Data Futures - Is it really all about the Cloud?

Geek Dinner

Li Chen presenting It is Time to Rev Up your Javascript Skill.

Nuri Halperin presenting Driving Electric - An all Electric Car Info Session and NoSQL for Beginners parts 1 and 2.

David McCarter presenting How to Survive the Technical Interview.

Raffle schwag to be given out at the end of the day.

Everyone gathering around for the raffle drawings.