Green Lantern Movie Review

Green Lantern was the movie I was looking forward to the most this summer. I watched it last night and wanted to share my thoughts on the movie with other fans and others that may have watched the movie already. I still recommend people to go watch the movie though, to read the comics, and/or then come talk to me.


Green Lantern poster

As you may know, I’m a comic book fan. I’m currently reading Green Lantern: Blackest Night. The story by Geoff Johns is amazing. I totally recommend Green Lantern: Rebirth Green Lantern: Secret Origin (linked to wrong book, correction made), for a more modern retelling of this highly underrated superhero.

Green Lantern: Secret Origin

In a nutshell, the more I think about it, the more disappointed I am in the movie. The movie spends time on scenes that don’t really add to the story or character development. Instead they should have focused on the basics of what a Green Lantern is: an intergalactic police force. They should have left out the scenes with Hal Jordan’s present family. Only the father’s death back story is really needed.

The premise of a Green Lantern is that the ring is based on willpower, the color green. The ring is able to let the wielder create things based on their strength, willpower, and imagination. Traditionally it has a weakness to the color yellow. For example, if you throw a yellow ball at a Green Lantern (GL) rookie, even if they will a shield up to block, the yellow ball would go right through it. Only when a GL is able to overcome fear, can the ring be used against yellow– which is the color for fear.

Green Lantern Sinestro and Kilowog

Another oversight was the lack of character development of Kilowog and Sinestro. I’m fine with how little they showed the Guardians of the Universe, because they’re always portrayed as mysterious. But Kilowog and Sinestro are Hal Jordan’s mentors and friends. They help make Hal Jordan into a great GL, and there just wasn’t enough time dedicated to this. I understand the movie is titled Green Lantern, not Green Lantern Corps, and so are the comics, but these characters need to be developed in order to give the audience the idea of what GLs role is across the universe. Such a shame too, since the casting of these two in the movie look and sound so fantastic.


In terms of villains, Parallax should have been put off to be dealt with in a movie of it’s own– possibly a second movie. Unfortunately Hollywood doesn’t work that way. Parallax is a major villain to Hal Jordan, which another movie could have been dedicated to solely. He is the very embodiment of fear, and the reason why GL rings do not work against yellow.

This is how the movie should have gone: Hector Hammond should have been the main and sole villain in the movie. They should have only hinted at what Parallax is, and saved him to be a villain in a second GL movie. Tell the story of what GL is, develop the relationship between Hal and Sinestro/Kilowog– especially Sinestro. The movie should have spent less time on Earth, and more time exploring what the GL Corps do policing the universe. The setting needed to be an intergalactic adventure, on an alien world. They needed to emphasize the weakness to the color yellow. In the end, Hal is able to overcome Hector and the color yellow, to some degree.

That’s it. These things alone would be enough for one movie to introduce Green Lantern. Plenty of story and character to be covered with just that. If you read GL comics, the conversation and stuff that happens on earth is for the most part, boring. The interesting and exciting things about GL is the stuff that happens across the universe.

I mean, just use your imagination! This is the problem with the Aliens vs Predator movies being set on this planet. Earth is boring to tell stories about way cool futuristic weapons, alien races, and cosmic forces! Come on Hollywood!!!

Blake Lively at Comic Con

With this all being said, I still say go watch the movie. I think it’s entertaining and Blake Lively looks absolutely gorgeous as Carol Ferris. Hint hint, I would love to see more of her in future GL movies.

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