Trip to Singapore

I went to Singapore over the weekend (April 21-25) for Red Dot Ruby Conf. It was my first time to Singapore. I didn’t travel around too much, as I was in a conference for two full days (Friday and Saturday).

Some things I noticed about Singapore:

  • No mosquitoes
  • Hot and humid like Bangkok, but more pleasant
  • Plenty of jay-walkers
  • Seems the major things to do are shop and eat
  • 3G is everywhere, generally very good
  • Singlish takes some getting used to
  • Singapore is full of folks from everywhere
  • Super clean everywhere
  • No traffic– seems well managed

I ate out often at hawker centers.

2011 Singapore Trip 1

Checked out Orchard Road.

2011 Singapore Trip 2

Also had the chance to visit Hackerspace

2011 Singapore Trip 3

Full album here.

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