APN Info for Singtel's 3G in Singapore

I wanted to write a quick post on my experience with getting a SIM card in Singapore.
When I arrived to Changi Airport, I immediately went to get a SIM card from a money exchange booth. They seemed to only offer prepaid SIM cards in $50, $100, and $150 SGD if I’m not mistaken. Since I was only staying for 4 days, I chose the smallest one: $50 SGD.

Singtel 1

After following the instructions, I was able to dial out. But most important to me was to get data. All they told me was to dial *363 to get 3G going. This was true, but they left out a vital piece of information. The APN info!

I went back to ask what else was needed. After 5 minutes, I was able to convince the lady at the counter that it was probably the APN info that was missing. She took out a booklet and looked up that information, wrote it down on a scrap paper, and gave it to me.

Singtel 1

APN information:

APN: hicard

user: 65ideas

password: ideas

After doing this, I was able to get 3G going on my Google Nexus One (N1).
Don’t you think this information should be given to EVERYONE when they get a Singtel card with a data plan?? I shouldn’t have to ask for it!
Other notes:

  • 3G is pretty good in Singapore, it’s most everywhere
  • I had little problem tethering on my N1 with my Macbook Pro

Hope this post will help others out there.

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