Went to the San Diego Comic Con this year. First time. Awesome.

Preview Night (July 21, 2010)

Arrived and checked out the exhibit hall.

SDCC 2010 Preview Night album

Day 1 (July 22, 2010)

First official day of Comic Con. Attended the OneRing.net panel and the BSG/Caprica panel.

SDCC 2010 Day 1 album

Day 2 (July 23, 2010)

This day was Star Wars day. The slave Princess Leias is probably the highlight of this series of photos. Attended the SGU, Caprica, and Machinima panels. Finished with watching the movie: Alien vs Ninja.

SDCC 2010 Day 2 album

Day 3 (July 24, 2010)

This day was mostly by autograph signings by movie and television stars. The only panel I attended was the Mythbusters panel.

SDCC 2010 Day 3 album

Day 4 (July 25, 2010)

I went only for a few hours. I just went mostly to buy the comics I wanted.

SDCC 2010 Day 4 album