What's next for Social Media?: GPS-enabled applications

There are some really cool GPS applications out there that are about to push the boundaries of technology and social media as we know it. I remember years ago when I shared a link to Loopt with friends, pretty much everyone didn’t like the idea of sharing that much information with each other. Today, I already have a few friends jumping onto to use such an app. Google has now also released a similar application out called Google Latitude, but based on their Google login system. I also just finished manually updating my G1 phone to use RC33, just so I could be one of the first to use the app.

What I’m a little surprised about is how Facebook doesn’t have a social GPS application of their own. Loopt already ties in to both Facebook and Twitter status feeds. But there is so much untapped potential with what can be done with users that choose to interact using these applications. Imagine a service that is able to provide relevant ads or suggestions based on your location? The sky is literally the limit to what can be achieved.

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