I got a Roomba for Christmas

For Christmas 2008, I got a iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver as a combined gift from my sisters and their boyfriends. I must say, that this is the best Xmas gift I’ve ever received other than the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), around 1988-1989. Which was 20 years ago… wow.

Nintendo Powerset

The Roomba actually does a pretty decent job of cleaning my apartment. My apartment is about 620 sq ft and mostly carpet. It cleans the top layer of dirt pretty well and it removes most visible pieces of dirt. Here are the other things I’ve noticed with it:

  • Battery only strong enough for one round of cleaning before requiring a recharge.
  • The room(s) generally needs to be clear of wires and other furniture with any kind of ramp, since the Roomba seems to work best on flat surfaces.
  • The dirt container needs to get cleaned out after each cleaning.

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with it. I got rid of my Dirt Devil vacuum as I will no longer vacuum my place by had ever again. Hrm, I just noticed that vacuum is both a noun and verb.


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