Belkin's Pre N Router Laggy on PS3 network

I’ve spent the better part of this cold weekend indoors trying to configure my PS3 to work on the Playstation Network. My problem was that I would get lag when playing Puzzle Fighter 3 Turbo HD Remix. I’ve been using the Belkin Pre-N Router for the past few months for everything but gaming and have been content with it. But frankly, it doesn’t play well with my PS3! I went to and forwarded all the ports to my PS3, and I still got lag! The only time I wouldn’t get that much lag would be to hook the system straight to my cable modem. I tried everything from giving a static IP address, wireless setup, to even a wired connection to the router, all of which did nothing to remove the lag.

Belkin Pre N Router

Linksys router

I switched my router back to the Linksys WRT54GX4 SRX 400, forwarded all the ports, and it worked! So the problem then was truly the Belkin router. As much as I liked Belkin’s hardware and performance, I never really liked it’s GUI on the router setup page. I only retired this Linksys router because for a period of time it would drop wireless connections every few minutes. I always thought it was because in my area there would be blackouts/surges all the time, which seems to fry the wireless portion of my routers. But it seems to be holding up fine now. Go figure. I’ve always liked Linksys routers/switches (I’ve gone through about 3-4 of them over the years), but they just don’t seem to last long. Let’s hope this one holds up.

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