PS3 and Bluray is the way to go... for now


I’m a PS3 owner, but mostly for the opposite reasons according to a co-worker. Most people own a PS3 for the games and then the blu-ray movies is a big plus. I like it for the blu-ray movie playing ability, and then the games are a plus. And with the recent announcement that Warner is going to be blu-ray exclusive too, it pretty much seals the fate of the HDDVD.

The HD format war may be closing as to what the next-gen disc format, but the real future is not in these physical disc– it’s in digital downloads. But we are still years away from this. We don’t yet have the bandwidth to download HD content on the fly, in a reasonable amount of time. Nor do we have a system that brings it all together.

My dream of this digital lifestyle, is one where we don’t run PCs anymore. We all access data through advanced terminals. There will be no need to have a PC because our data isn’t stored locally as the main storage. Instead, we will have “digital lockers” where we can keep all our files (movies, music, pictures, etc). When we buy a movie or a song, we store it in our account, and if need be, we can re-download it– because we own it.

I hope this dream can come true within say, 10 years. The technology (hardware/software) is more or less ready, it’s the politics and legal issues that’s in the way.

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